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Are you ready to skyrocket your website traffic, grow a sizzling email list and sell your products with ease?

Get ready friend, Pinterest is about to rock your world. Pinterest is the #1 way to skyrocket your visibility and book your dream clients.


This course was designed for product & service businesses who want to explode their traffic, leads and revenue through Pinterest

Pinterest mini course is only $97



Does This Sound Like You?


  • BURNT OUT from all your time on Instagram trying to get customers and your content seen, with little results.
  • Broke from all the $$ you are spending on FB ads trying to drive traffic and get leads.
  • Feeling lost and confused on how to drive traffic and how to get new customers. 
  • Frustrated that your amazingly crafted content is getting crickets and seen by no-one.
  • You wish there was a more effective platform that didn't drain the life, time and money out of you.


  • Create viral content on Pinterest and get your business SEEN by your dream customers.
  • Increase the traffic to your website by thousands per month and CONVERT them into paying customers
  • Create passive income streams and MAKE MONEY while you sleep
  • Skyrocket and grow your email list to hundreds of new subscribers a week and more!
  • Increase your revenue, all while spending MORE time on other things in your business.
  • The tools and tricks to automate this entire process so it takes you no more than 2-3 hours per week to get massive results.

Want to know the secret to exploding your traffic, leads and revenue using Pinterest?

I am sharing ALL my secrets right here in my Pinterest for Business course

I've Been There Too!

I know and understand all the struggles that ecommerce and product businesses face each day. I fought hard to get customers and drive traffic for my subscription box business, while draining all my energy on instagram, without getting the ROI I wanted.

Until I discovered the power and magic of Pinterest. Once I started using it strategically, I got amazing results. I was able to skyrocket my traffic, leads, revenue and customers. Getting my content seen by my dream customers became a breeze.

Let's Pin Your Way To HUGE Results

In less than 6 months I went from getting zero traffic from Pinterest to thousands of visitors a month to my website AND over 350,000 monthly viewers on Pinterest. 

I can't wait to share all my secrets with you, so you can drive the RIGHT people to your website, have the right strategies in place to convert them, all while automating the process and striving for those viral pins. #WINWIN 

Pinterest For Business 101

Is for product & service businesses, entrepreneurs or bloggers who want to see BIG results from increased traffic and lead generation and convert that into paying customers, sales and more $$ for your biz. 


  • MAKE MONEY FOR YOUR BUSINESS. You can turn Pinterest into your #1 traffic source, grow your email list and sell products and services
  • CREATE VIRAL WORTHY PINS so you can make money while you sleep
  • MAKE Pinterest work for your business, no matter which type you have. Pinterest can work for any business
  • CREATE THE RIGHT CONTENT so your pins get SEEN and clicked by your dream tribe
  • CONVERT your Pinterest traffic into sales, leads and customers

  • STOP THE SCROLL with pinning perfect strategies 
  • AUTOMATE your pinning process so the whole thing takes you 2-3 hours per week max



Want a Sneak Peek?

Peek inside this Pinterest For Business 101 Course



This course will teach you how to get your content in front of the RIGHT audience on Pinterest and how to take that traffic and convert it into sales, customers and leads for your biz. Let's dive in to the goodies

Module 1


Create a profile that connects and aligns with your dream customers.

We will get crystal clear on who we are pinning for and how to nail down your ideal and dream customers. It's all about creating pins for the right person. If you don't know who your ideal customer or audience is, it's impossible to reach them on Pinterest.

Next, we will walk through the importance of keywords, Pinterest SEO and how to infuse these into your profile to get your pins in front of your dream customers eyes. 

Module 2


How to create content for your audience that stops the scroll and makes them click your pins.

This module is all about learning what to pin! Creating the right content for your audience is crucial for Pinterest success. 

I will show you how to create magazine style categories of content for your Pinterest and ideas for all the different types of content you can create.

Next, we will walk through examples of different content that can be used for service verse product businesses.

Module 3


How to create and organize a visual store for your Pinterest Account.

In this module I will show you how to create the RIGHT boards for your business that showcase your products and services. We will walk through how to NAME your boards  properly so your boards show up when users are searching for content. If you don't name your boards correctly, NOONE will find you. Let's say bye bye to those crickets, shall we?

Next, I will show you how you can create advertisement style descriptions for your boards to lure in your ideal audience. 

Module 4


How to create that perfect pin that goes viral.

In this module I will show you exactly how to create scroll stopping pins that get thousands of clicks and saves. 

Next I will show you how to create the perfect pin from the graphics to the title, description, and keywords  to get your pins SEEN and not scrolled through.

Let's talk batching. I will show you how I create 20 pins in under 5 minutes with my secret tools. Lastly we will walk through how to get your pins seen by beating Pinterest's algorithm.

Module 5


Let's automate your pinning so you spend less than 3 hours a week to get massive results.

In this module I will show you how to use analytics to guide and refine your Pinterest strategy. I'll show you which numbers to focus on so you know what is working and what isn't working. Let the METRICS tell you what to do more of.

Next up, is walking through how to automate your entire pinterest process. From scheduling your pins, to batching your content. Lets work smarter not harder.

Module 6


Let's make Pinterest profitable for your business.

You have all this traffic coming from Pinterest, now what? I will show you how to put all the pieces together into a traffic generating, lead building, sales driving machine.

You need a plan of action to take pinners from Pinterest OFF the platform and I will show you the ways to do this effectively, for your service, product or blogging business.

Need a visual?I also show you the exact pins I use to drive thousands of visitors to my site each month, and examples for product and service businesses.


JUMPSTART YOUR PINTEREST with 6 days of challenges

I created this 6 day bootcamp to show you the exact steps I took to get my Pinterest account set up properly.

From setting up google analytics, to adding rich pins, claiming your account and cleaning up existing boards if you have them, these 6 days of activities will get your Pinterest ready to go.

The Cherry On Top Bonuses

In addition to the 6 course modules and the 6 day bootcamp, here are the freebies you get when you sign up:

  1. The Pinterest Template Kit to customize and make your own. 10 of my top pin template designs for you, to customize and make your own. ($100 Value)
  2. Introduction to Batch Pin Creation Using Canva: a video tutorial that will show you how to take one piece of content and design 10 different pins. I walk you through exactly how I create 100 pins in less than an hour.($200 Value)
  3. The Tailwind Automation Training: A quick start video to our automation platform, so you can figure out how to pin for an hour a week and be DONE! ($250 Value)

"My engagement went up by over 60% in a single week. Now Pinterest is in the top two sources of website traffic. Im so glad Kerrie taught me the value of Pinterest to grow my business.""

Latesha Lynch Design

Pinterest mini course is $97

Get $1500+ in Value for only $97.



OH HEY! I'm Kerrie

& I'm thrilled you're here.

You have big goals for your biz (My kinda girl ✊🏼)

I am an east coast transplant, living in sunny Seattle. I love coffee, spinning classes and anything & everything dog related. I'm a mom to a toddler boy and I have two dogs, Asha and Kennedy, who both frequent my instagram account. #CRAZYDOGMOM



My BIZ Background

Before starting Marketing By Kerrie in 2019, I founded and owned a boutique subscription box and e-commerce business for 3 years, called The Dapper Dog Box.  I grew this business to multiple 6 figures of yearly revenue (without a stitch of help, support or staff along the way). This "little" biz got some big brand features and was most recently on Mariah Carey's top 10 holiday gift guide list. 

A Few Places The Dapper Dog Box was Featured



From driving traffic to building your email list, going viral and building our streams of passive income, there is no end to the possibilities that Pinterest can do for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey friend, don’t worry! This whole course is entirely go-at-your-own-pace! Why? Because I want you to take your time, to implement as you learn, to listen and re-listen as many times as you need! You can take five days or five months! Everyone’s journey through Pinterest For Business will look a little different and that’s the beauty of it.

This course is a lifetime course! So what does that mean for you? Well, it means you’re in luck! I want you to always have this content, so if you join now, it’s yours forever. I am constantly tweaking, adding to it, and recording new content so once you’re in, you’re in for everything that’s waiting for you now (and anything that’s coming soon!) 

Here’s the good news, this course is for any kind of business owner. From photographers to florists, calligraphers to designers, brick and mortars to bloggers, fitness gurus to foodies, big brands to ma and pa shops, the beauty of  Pinterest for Business is that it was designed to help students from hundreds of industries. Pinterest is a platform where your work can stand out, no matter what you do! 


Here is what Pinterest For Business isn’t: it isn’t a place where I tell you how to scam people into following you or tell you that you need to spend hours upon hours behind your screen each day to make it work for you. In fact, I’m going to teach you how to feel empowered in your marketing strategy! You don’t need to worry that I’m going to take your money and run, I am an invested instructor who is set on making sure you are a success (because when you are a success, so am I!) This course is about living life beyond your online life and in finding your voice and groove so that you can get the right sets of eyes on your work! 

Since this is a go-at-your-own-pace course, it will differ for everyone. We’ve had students Netflix binge it in one day. The video content totals just under 4 hours and you can be on your way to a Pinterest strategy in no time. I recommend you listen to the modules once or twice, spend time completing the workbook and then implement. I love that you can pause during your busy weeks, take the modules on the go and revisit a lesson when you’re feeling stuck

Oh sweet friend, this is the time. Here’s what I think: if you ever decide to launch a business, start a blog, or sell a product or service, you’re going to wish you had started today. Sure, it’s going to take time, but time will pass anyway. This class will teach you how to grow a following and learn who you're speaking to (so that if your story ever includes any of the above, your audience will be warm and excited to join your newest adventure!) Trust me, your future self will thank you for taking a leap today! 

I want you to be satisfied with your purchase but I also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the Pinterest For Business 101 course. While there is not a guarantee I do offer a 14-day refund for purchases. In order to qualify for a refund, you must submit proof that you gave the course an honest effort and it did not work for you.

In the event that you have not been able to get any results from the strategies you implemented, contact Marketing By Kerrie Support at [email protected] within the first 14 days from the date you purchase PFB and let us know if you would like a refund. You must include evidence with your refund request that all available modules and workbooks have been completed and the methods taught within PFB implemented. If you request a refund and do not include your coursework, you will not be granted a refund.

We will NOT provide refunds for purchases made more than 14 days following the date of purchase. After day 14, all payments are non-refundable and you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the program regardless if you complete the program.

I suggest committing 2-3 hours weekly for 4 weeks. Pinterest for Business is a self-study course done completely on your own time.

Keep in mind, each weekly module is designed to build upon the lessons from the last. I implore you to learn, absorb, and implement before moving on to the next lesson.

"Kerrie has tremendous insight into growing your business through Pinterest. Typically I am very overwhelmed by it, but Kerrie broke it down, made it easy to understand and manage. She is a true marketing genius. My business thanks you."

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Get $1500+ in Value for only $97.


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